As you certainly know, the inmates were transferred to Nazi concentration camps by trains. But little of us realised before how cruel and terrifying were the conditions of such transportation! Basically, people in the trucks were heading for the certain death.

It didn’t matter that such a truck could house no more then fifty persons, Nazis managed to fit there over 200 people! Indeed, over two hundred people in one truck. Try to imagine – one train with several dozen trucks containing 2 hundred drained people that on the road from 18 days, with no food, no drink, no care.

This is how Nazis treated people. And let’s just add that the trains were arriving every few hours! It means, every day thousands of people were arriving to the death camp thinking they’re heading for the new, better life! Oh,definitely that was the new life, but if it’s better? It depends on who for.

People gathering for a train to Nazi concentration camp.
People gathering for a train to Nazi concentration camp.

Dying during such trip was something normal, usual. Some died of starvation, some because of the heat, finally some of theme were so tired that they were just passing away, one by one. Once when they were receiving a train from Greece, the guards opened the doors and you may not believe what they found there. In the truck there was just a heap of perished people… I guess, there is no comment needed. Well, but as it turns out, such a crazy trip to the ‘gates of hell’ was not a free service.

Nazis charged the passengers for the ride. For the ride to hell! After all the people were transferred to the ‘new, better work and life -place’. That was simply. They wanted to move, they needed to pay. That’s why all the Jewish had to pay the fee for tickets. Shame that nobody told them they are going to extermination camp! However, the Nazis were not so fully soulless though… they decided to nat charge children under four for the transfers… What a generosity.