Terrifying Clinic Supplies

Definitely Nazis were brutality champions of all times. Not only were they killing Jews but also making their lives a hell. Very common belief that they used to make soap from the fat of Jews has spread across the world. Was it true? The Nazis working at concentration camps, were telling the prisoners that it was true.

The inmates had no choice and had to wash themselves using soap that the guards claimed to be soap made from the fat of their friends that got killed. Such a cruelness could be only of the Nazis. They were finishing the inmates off mentally.

Well, there is no straight evidence today to confirm that was true but since the Nazis were affirming that was true, it might be true. Nazis concentration camps were horrific places. All the inmates had to realise that death is hanging over them all the time, so they had no possibility to feel safe at any time.

Dead bodies. It is said that Nazis were making soap from human's remains.
Dead bodies. It is said that Nazis were making soap from human’s remains.

Additionally, the policy in the camps stated nothing should go to waste. Such an approach made the people closed in the camps useful both alive or dead. Another oft-repeated claim was that they used also the prisoners’ hair to produce cleaning supplies. No matter which statement is the right one, it is unbelievable that such things happened. It is terrifying that people made this to people! No animal is so cruel.

However, those killed quickly were the lucky ones. A huge amount of inmates were dying for starvation what was dragging on for many weeks or even months. That was a real suffering. Not only were they devoid of food but water as well! The didn’t eat and drink until they died. Sometime the Nazis tortured the inmates in that way, and sometimes that was just proceeding according to the local policy.

But not only the starvation was a long-term way of dying. Part of the victims, were closed in super-tiny, dark cells that the only they could do was waiting for death suffocating.