About me

Hello guys. Gropen Fuhrer is a group of people whose biggest passion is The World War 2 subject area. To be more precise, we are a group of historians as well as keen travellers. We travel across the world investigating and analysing signs of the World War 2.

What we are interested the most is the unknown history that was happenning during the most terrible period of times. The World War 2 definitely was one of the most significant events of all time. Hopefully everybody knows the story at least briefly. However, we are real passionates and what we are into are things that little people or nobody knows.

Here you will have a chance to learn about experiments held in Nazi concentration camps during the war. Not only can you find here a lot about cruel tests conducted on random people but much more about hard-to-believe things that happened in the camps.

The idea to create this blog has born in our minds a long time ago. The war subject area has been always very interesting and mysterious to us so we decided to bottom the history and try to discover what undiscovered.

Offstage, all of our 4 live in San Francisco where we deal with history daily. Mike and Stephen are teachers in local high school, Morris is archeologist and Sam works in USS Horned Museum as a curator. It is no accident that collaborate. What has connected us was history. Actually, we have met at some anniversary event organised by San Francisco Historian Club that we all are in.

Though the club is focused more on the history of the city of San Francisco, we already found out we are keen lovers of The World War 2 history and here we are – 4 guys travelling across the world following the World War 2 history.

We’re also interested in the history of Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. We’ve made a solid research about the place and discovered a lot of shocking facts.